Do You Wonder What You're Doing Here?

Why do website visitors go to an "about us" page? That's the question we asked a group of Freedom guests recently. And from their responses, we determined that such website visitors fall into three different groups: 1) customers, 2) potential business partners, and 3) competitors.

If you are a customer, welcome!

Thanks for taking the time to find out about Freedom and to learn what we stand for before you make a decision to buy from us. We are honored by your interest and eager to tell you about our business. 

What do we do? 

We are a provider of industrial cleaning and facility maintenance solutions. We support all types and sizes of organizations from neighborhood restaurants to multi-site operations. 

How did we get here?

Founded in 1982 as a pest control company, we gradually layered on services that were complimentary to our pest control practice. Kitchen cleaning led to steam cleaning which led to facade cleaning and so on. Over the years, we parlayed our collection of single services into a comprehensive offering of outsourced facility maintenance and staffing solutions. 

Why are we successful? 

Our entire team has one common goal. We want our customers to be so absolutely delighted that they become advocates for us; telling everyone they know about the great experience they had with Freedom Specialty Services. Our service team is competent, friendly and ready to assist you in making decisions that will result in exactly the service you desire.

Why should you buy from us? 

We will not let you down or disappoint you. We are committed to providing more than you expect.

If you are a potential business partner, we commend you!

You are wise to do your homework before contacting a potential partner. We are eager to entertain fresh ideas, and we persistently look for ways to grow and improve. If you think your product or service can benefit our operation or if you feel we could work together to grow, we invite you to contact us via the button below.

If you are a competitor...

Let us say that we believe mightily in free enterprise and competition! It is, however, only fair to warn you that we are putting our energy, experience, and fine reputation to work by winning customers and creating raving evangelists for Freedom Specialty Services.